The following are excerpts from some of the letters that we have received from our appreciative clients:

"Keith Orenstein represented me through a very difficult and acrimonious divorce. He did so with grace, tenacity and understanding.... During a period filled with anger and blame, Keith was an oasis of calm and good sense. He also worked out a settlement that was much further in my favor than I had anticipated."

– Matt C. (New York, NY)

"You did a superb job. You met every confrontational maneuver with well-planned skill and thoroughness. In the end, we prevailed because you are an exceptionally good attorney."

– Dan B. (New York, NY)

"Keith was a huge help when it came to putting together my prenuptial agreement. He fielded all of my questions timely and sensitively, was prompt when it came to preparing and turning around drafts of the document, and kept me on an even keel during what could have become an anxious and emotional time."

– Nina K. (New York, NY)

"In what would have been a typical ‘he says, she says’ situation, Mr. Orenstein was able to expose the truth to the court through flawless cross-examination. Mr. Orenstein was outstanding, so intelligent and unpredictable that my opponent...could not help but entangle himself in his own net of lies, thus casting doubt on his credibility. Mr. Orenstein’s vast experience was evident in his acute attention to detail during the procedures; nothing escaped him."

– Margret R. (Chestnut Ridge, NY)

"Nervous about bringing up the topic of a prenuptial agreement with my fiancée, I sat down with Keith Orenstein. He listened quietly and handed me a book called Prenups for Lovers and suggested I read it.... I read the book and...gave [it] to my fiancée. After reading it, she said, 'No problem, I understand, and I think it is a good idea.' Keith made the process so easy and stress free that I have referred almost every couple I know entering a marriage to him because it just makes sense!"

– Gregg R. (New York, NY)

"During difficult times, integrity is often overlooked. The problem with that is that it's often your own integrity that you've sacrificed. Keith Orenstein constantly reminds you of integrity because of the way he conducts his business and treats each and every aspect of a deal. Thank you for helping me with my most difficult times with integrity."

– Thomas K. (Hewlett, NY)

"Keith is my amazing lawyer, he should be recommended to all people getting divorced. He saved my life, literally."

– Mary C. (New York, NY)

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